Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Langley’s Commitment to a Culture of Belonging

At Langley, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion are central to educational excellence and essential to our mission. We recognize that all students, families, faculty, and staff members bring unique experiences, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives that enrich our community when recognized and celebrated as part of our program. We intentionally cultivate a culture of belonging, pride, and respect for every child while teaching the skills they need to understand and connect with others.


LaToya Needham

Director of Extended Day, Enrichment, and DEI

Langley’s DEI Framework 

Developed in 2019, Langley’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) framework serves as a guide for our community as we cultivate a culture of belonging in our classrooms and offices, at school-wide events, and in our everyday interactions with one another. 

DEI Framework


Our Practices

Langley’s REACH Curriculum Supports the DEI Program 

Self-awareness, connection, understanding, and respect are primary tenets of Langley’s custom-built social-emotional learning curriculum, called REACH (Raising Emotional Acuity, Cultural Responsiveness, and Healthy Behaviors). The REACH curriculum supports Langley’s DEI program by incorporating the following concepts in appropriate ways across the Arc of Development: (link to arc of development)

  • Healthy identity formation
  • Empathy, openness, and respect across lines of difference
  • Inquiry over ideology
  • Perspective-taking
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Finding common ground

Our Community

  • 37% of students identify as a person of color 
  • 28% of faculty and staff identify as a person of color 
  • 18% of students receive financial aid
  • 24 cultural observances and holidays recognized 
  • 3 affinity and alliance groups 

Langley’s DEI Committee

Composed of faculty and staff from a variety of roles, divisions, departments, and backgrounds, Langley’s DEI Committee meets monthly to discuss ways to promote and support DEI in the community through curriculum, professional development, communications, parent involvement, and student engagement. The committee also gathers input and critical feedback on school-wide DEI initiatives, especially professional development content, and outlines key diversity and inclusion goals and actionable steps to achieve them. The DEI Committee strives to create a culture of belonging and a climate in which all members of the community feel valued and empowered to do the work.

2022-2023 DEI Committee:

Dahna Bozarth, Grade Four Teacher
Leslie Bray, Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid 
Troy Byrne, Junior Kindergarten Assistant Teacher 
Patty Dokken, Physical Education Teacher 
Paige Dunn, Art Teacher
Dwayne Green, Director of Campus Operations 
Elena Meschieri, Director of Web and Digital Engagement
Edna Oppong, Leopard Cubs Program Manager
Clinton Quick, Grade Three Assistant Teacher 
Chuck Schmidt, Band Director and Instrumental Music Teacher 
Anna Shiroma, Head of Primary School 
Mona Tauber, Math Specialist 
Brittany Westbrook, Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications