Early Childhood Teacher- Full-time

  • Employment Opportunity

Summary: Outlines purpose and function of job

To deliver effective instruction of curriculum to students, from age six weeks through three years-old, in order to achieve school’s educational goals; to collaborate with colleagues and supervisor; and to advance the school’s mission and act in all matters consistently with the school’s philosophy. Generous benefit package and competitive compensation.

Essential functions, duties and responsibilities:

  1. Ensure the safety and well-being of students

  2. Consistently supports and acts in accordance with the school’s mission and values- a brand ambassador for the school and its interests

  3. Communicate the highest scholastic, ethical and behavioral standards to students through consistency in behavior and support and caring for all students, and in using the classroom as a place for exploration, discovery, experimentation and application.

  4. Consistent with the school’s mission and philosophy, exercise judgment and supervision of students consistent with the teacher’s role of “in loco parentis”

  5. Developmentally appropriate management of classroom environment that inspires learning

  6. Communicate with parents to maintain effective care; provide feedback to parents regarding developmental milestones

  7. Implement the school’s curriculum- Creative Curriculum-consistently and correctly

  8. Plan, manage, execute, and analyze key pedagogy and curricular processes including assessment

  9. Responsible for compliance with licensing requirements

  10. Interaction with school constituencies including employees, senior administration, students, and parents

  11. Demonstrate preparation and skill in working with students from diverse cultural, economic and ability backgrounds

  12.  In collaboration with the director of leopard cubs, plan and execute instructional content.

  13. Some positions may transition to Summer Studio program during its weeks in session

  14. Upholds professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality, professional courtesy, and discretion

  15. Utilize teaching skills in Summer Studio environment if necessary

  16. Attend staff meetings as requested

  17. Perform administrative duties as needed

  18. Specific vacation parameters: vacation should typically be taken during winter break, spring, and summer breaks (when Summer Studio is not in session).

Other duties:

  1. May be asked to perform operational school duties

  2. Other duties as assigned by supervisor, and/or by head of school

Core competencies:

  1. Communication skills
    1. Exercise clear, constructive, and appropriate communication with students, colleagues and administration in written and verbal communication.
  2. Teamwork and collaboration
    1. Exemplify cooperation and collaboration, demonstrate leadership when necessary, be a supportive team member when needed, and assist others to ensure deadlines and goals are met.
    2. Demonstrate both concern for colleagues and a strong commitment to the professional development and success of faculty, administrative, and staff colleagues.
  3. Adaptability
    1. Passion for learning and the desire to continue to grow and build upon skills to adapt to the changing needs of the school
    2. Respond positively to change and to both positive and negative feedback and incorporate changes into overall performance
  4. Problem solving
    1. Assess problems and utilize all available resources to resolve challenge through the proper channels.
  5. Critical observation
    1. Ability to not only gather information but to also interpret, analyze, and suggest next steps based upon data
  6. Conflict resolution
    1. Persuade, negotiate, and resolve conflicts without negative behaviors and to develop mutually beneficial relationships in the organization to serve the best interests of the school and the individuals involved.
  7. Results-Oriented
    1. Employee showed understanding of and commitment to driving performance through results, and developed and executed an action plan with appropriate follow-up to achieve those results.
  8. Institutional Alignment
    1. Employee understood the need to ensure that his or her performance and professional persona aligned with the mission, values and policies of the school, and through his or her actions and attitude strengthened the Langley brand locally and globally.

Qualification/Requirement: Education/Training/Experience

  1. College Degree required

  2. Early childhood teaching experience required

  3. Strong written and oral communication skills required

  4. Proven track record of success in leadership capacity required

  5. Proven success through strong inter-personal skills including experience in collegial conflict resolution required

  6. Proficiency with the incorporation of technology in the classroom preferred


Please send resume and cover letter via e-mail: jobopportunity@langleyschool.org. Please write " Early childhood teacher" in the subject line.

No phone calls, please.


  • Early Childhood Teacher