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Our Mission & Values

Teacher and student at The Langley School

Our Mission

The Langley School fosters purposeful inquiry-based and social-emotional learning for children in preschool through grade 8 in a joyful, connected community. We empower all students as curious, confident, and resilient leaders, thinkers, and creators.


We Believe

Childhood is a crucial period of complex, joyful learning filled with discovery and wonder.

Our focus on preschool through grade 8 enables us to prioritize and celebrate this time in our students’ lives, when the learning curve is at its steepest, building a strong foundation for success in high school and beyond.

Children thrive in a supportive, academically rigorous learning environment that encourages intellectual risk-taking.

Our child-centered focus, differentiated instruction, and unique academic program – combining inquiry-based and social-emotional learning – provide our students with a wide range of challenges, opportunities, enrichment, and support, fostering in them a lifelong love of learning, self-advocacy, and perseverance. 

Everyone benefits from and contributes to a diverse, caring community.

Rooted in our origins as a cooperative, our distinctly collaborative community serves as an essential framework for learning and well-being. Our families, faculty, and staff work in partnership on behalf of every child every day, and we share a collective sense of commitment, respect, and appreciation toward one another. 

We all make a difference.

We believe each of us can act with integrity, generosity, and consideration for others. From the youngest to the oldest, we instill in all our students a sense of responsibility to their classmates, school, and local and global communities. We take pride in the many ways our students and graduates dedicate themselves as engaged, responsible citizens.

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    Our Core Values


Our Curricular Model

Finding solutions to complex problems requires curiosity, empathy, and ingenuity. At Langley, inquiry-based learning engages our students in discovery, exploration, and guided practice, developing strong core academic skills, conceptual understanding, and critical thinking. Social-emotional learning develops our students’ emotional intelligence, cultural responsiveness, health and wellness, and resilience. Together, these complementary components of our curriculum promote intellectual flexibility, perspective-taking, interdisciplinary and interpersonal connection, collaboration, and innovation.

PS students
MS students

Our Commitment to Belonging

At Langley, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to educational excellence and essential to our mission. We recognize that all students, families, faculty, and staff members bring unique experiences, backgrounds, identities, and perspectives that enrich our community when recognized and celebrated as part of our program. We intentionally cultivate a culture of belonging, pride, and respect for every member of our community while building the skills necessary for understanding and connection.


Our Vision

The Langley School develops students who thrive at every stage of learning and life. Our exemplary inquiry-based and social-emotional learning model engages students as critical thinkers, problem solvers, leaders, and culturally responsive community members. Our impact is evident in the unique accomplishments and meaningful contributions of our students, graduates, and educators.

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Our Strategic Priorities

Invest in our people to maximize the power of community
  • Ensure every member of our community feels a sense of belonging and that our students learn to cultivate belonging as they prepare to work and lead in diverse communities across the globe
  • Minimize financial barriers to enrollment, making a Langley education accessible to a broad base of qualified students 
  • Recruit and retain exceptional educators and maintain a strong value proposition for all employees 


Enhance our signature inquiry-based and social-emotional learning model to inspire and showcase innovative problem solvers
  • Refine academic programming to ensure students obtain essential skills and knowledge while developing a global perspective
  • Guide students as they harness the power of inquiry-based and social-emotional learning to solve complex problems independently and as members of diverse teams
  • Advance and celebrate student achievement through authentic application of knowledge and skills to real-world issues and frequent exhibitions of learning
  • Ensure facilities and resources that support exemplary programs


Serve our world to deepen learning and connection
  • Enrich learning, contribute to the greater good, and encourage community stewardship through service learning
  • Prepare students to investigate, support, and influence the causes they care about throughout their lives
  • Identify and share Langley’s signature strengths with educators beyond our campus
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Primary School

Preschool, Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten  

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Lower School

Grades 1-5

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Middle School

Grades 6-8