Our Philosophy

Why Langley’s preschool through eighth grade model might fit your child best

The early years form the core of who your child becomes as a learner, thinker, citizen, and human being. And those years make up the steepest part of a child’s development, as shown in research conducted by The University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. That’s why The Langley School commits to living each day by our “Arc of Development,” and why we intentionally devote all of our resources and teacher expertise to support the anticipated peaks, valleys, and plateaus that occur in the earliest years.

And, while we know that every child’s path is unique, The Langley School’s Arc of Development recognizes that there are predictable cognitive, emotional, and social milestones that do occur. With this model underlying our curriculum, schedule, and classroom structure, Langley students receive age-appropriate instruction and challenges every day, and at every grade level, helping each student reach his or her intellectual, social, and emotional potential.

To us, childhood is not just a stage to pass through, but a crucial period of steep, complex, and joyful learning. That’s why Langley culminates at eighth grade, not 12th –to intentionally shape your child’s daily discoveries, age-appropriate challenges, and delightful celebrations that can slip by when high school students are a major focus. Learn more about our mission statement and its cornerstones.

At Langley, we carefully tend to your child’s social and emotional growth, not just to supplement intellectual achievement, but to ensure it.