Mission Statement and Mission Cornerstones

The Langley School Mission Statement

We believe each child’s potential is boundless and every child can act with integrity, generosity, and consideration for others. We reach across multiple disciplines to discover, amplify, and embrace the talents of every child, every day. By nurturing, supporting, and academically challenging our students, our inclusive community builds quietly confident, independent thinkers who flourish as learners and individuals.

Mission Cornerstones

A child-centered focus

We are proud to be a primary through eighth-grade school serving students of promise and ability. We are uniquely able to nurture our younger students while meeting their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical needs. Our students blossom in a safe, structured, and academically rigorous community that enables intellectual risk-taking while promoting positive social and personal development. We celebrate the middle school years to ensure they are not simply a sandwiched transition between elementary and high school. Our graduates are independent and critical thinkers, poised and knowledgeable about themselves, and possess a strong sense of responsibility to the larger community. Academically, socially, and emotionally, they are preparing for a life of intellectual engagement and responsible citizenship.

Differentiated teaching and comprehensive curriculum

For every child, on every day, our innovative and differentiated teaching is tailored to the different learning styles of our students. Our hands-on, experiential learning brings the curriculum alive and enables a child to explore. Our comprehensive curriculum is integrated across disciplines, enabling academic rigor and creating inventive approaches to motivate and challenge each child and engage every student’s multiple intelligences.

A caring community

Our sense of community is distinct, rooted in our cooperative past where parents and teachers worked shoulder-to-shoulder to maintain our school buildings and educate our students. We still retain this tradition of sharing and caring and continue to believe that children benefit most when parents, teachers, and staff join in partnership on behalf of our students’ welfare. We know that our community is stronger for our collective sense of responsibility and respect toward one another.

Community stewardship

Community service has been an integral part of the Langley experience from our earliest years. From the youngest to the oldest, we instill in all our students a sense of responsibility for others in the local and global community. We are proud that our students develop into globally engaged and responsible citizens.

Character and integrity

We have high expectations for our students. Every child can act with integrity, generosity, and consideration for others. The values in our Community Contract – respect, kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, and citizenship – govern our students’ behavior and frame our expectations for their conduct.