Our Strategic Plan

The Langley School’s Strategic Plan

With the goal of advancing our position as the regional leader in preschool through eighth grade education, The Langley School launched a new strategic plan in fall 2015. This plan – anchored by the three key pillars described below – focuses on the people, programs, and resources that will allow us to effectively guide students through the steepest part of their developmental arc. 

Pillar One: Ensuring Academic Excellence

Education is a dynamic field, built on the latest research and best practices. In order to ensure that all Langley students achieve their highest potential, our program must constantly evolve. To keep our teachers at the forefront of their profession, we are continually working to perfect the art and science of teaching. And to help our students develop vital skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, communication, collaboration, and creativity, we are ensuring our inquiry-based curriculum reflects the nuances of Langley’s Arc of Development and teaches them complex ways to process, understand, and evaluate information.

Pillar Two: Articulating Our Social-Emotional Expertise

Educational research tells us that both students and adults need equal measures of cognitive and emotional intelligence. In fact, children’s social and emotional acuity furthers their academic success. We know that intellectual development isn’t enough. Students won’t be able to understand themselves, build productive relationships with others, and lead lives of health and fulfillment without these foundations. At Langley, we value this balance, intentionally nurturing both in equal measure and recognizing the importance of starting this learning at an early age. 

By building a custom social-emotional learning program and hiring a director of social-emotional learning to direct it, Langley is poised to become a leader in this area. 

Pillar Three: Investing in Sustainability

Maintaining a top educational institution like Langley requires significant financial investment, so it’s crucial to ensure we have the resources and facilities to grow and define ourselves as a regional leader in education. With the Arc of Development at the center of all we do, we must think about how to best steward our resources for the future and make financial choices that reflect our mission, our unique value proposition, and our commitment to preschool through grade 8 education.