Message from Elinor

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Our History

Parents helping students to plant in the school garden

In 1941, founding parents sketched a plan for one of the nation’s first nursery schools.

Our Philosophy

Students presenting during the assembly

To us, childhood and early adolescence is a period of steep, complex, joyful learning.

Our Strategic Plan

Teacher Helping students in 5th grade

This road map will further define our future as a leader in preschool through grade 8 education.

Discovering what it's like to live Langley

At The Langley School, we educate students to do so much more than simply read, solve a math problem, speak Spanish, or use a microscope. We also ensure students know how to learn, think critically, form hypotheses, craft an argument, and analyze the world around them. We have specifically designed our program to support emerging 3-year-old learners all the way through to empowered eighth-grade leaders. Why? Because if you get the foundation right, anything and everything is possible for a child.

Our program both builds and relies upon transformative relationships. Here, expert teachers meet students where they are and attend to their unique strengths and interests at each developmental stage. And, as crucial partners in these transformative relationships, our parents embody and model the school’s enduring values, building a thriving community around shared beliefs and goals.



At Langley, we know children’s social and emotional acuity is critical to their academic success – that’s why we intentionally nurture both in equal measure. We graduate uncommonly optimistic, grounded, poised, and kind learners and thinkers citizens of the world, wholly prepared to thrive in the nation’s top high schools and to lead lives of integrity and self-defined purpose. I encourage you to explore our website so you can gain a truer sense of our committed community and our dynamic academic program. And please visit campus to see for yourself what it’s like to live Langley.



Learn more about the deep background and experience Dr. Scully brings. And see what's ahead for Langley in our strategic plan.