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Welcome from Division Head Nola-rae Cronan

I couldn’t be prouder of the compassionate, poised, intelligent, committed learners and thinkers who graduate from our Middle School. In grades 6-8, just as we do throughout our program, we carefully balance your child’s intellectual preparation with social and emotional development—because we’ve seen, year after year, how powerfully each side supports and enhances the other.

That combination proves even more essential during the transformative Middle School years, as your child grows into a teenager, and academic and personal choices take on greater significance. So we’ve created a comprehensive program that cultivates all the excitement, energy, and possibility of this pivotal time—fully preparing your child for high school while guiding your whole family, step-by-step, through the outplacement process.

Parent and Student Perspectives


Whether debating a political issue in the classroom, portraying a character on stage, running for Student Council, competing on a soccer team, or serving breakfast at a soup kitchen, Langley Middle Schoolers are laying the academic, social, and emotional foundation for their future. Guided and inspired by award-winning faculty members who are experts in early adolescence, students stretch and grow beyond their highest expectations. They do original research, enhancing their critical and analytical abilities; create real-world, technologically sophisticated solutions through design thinking; and deepen their collaborative skills with group projects. They gain confidence and maturity through service, build resilience by experiencing failure as well as success, and learn the value of friendship and sportsmanship—and the lesson that you don’t always need to be out in front to lead.

I hope you’ll want to learn more about our program. You can review the essential components, listed below, and then link to more information about our campus life. I also warmly invite you to visit our new state-of-the-art Middle School building and—even better—meet our enthusiastic and talented students, teachers, and staff members.

I look forward to sharing our school with you.

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Our program

To prepare your child not only for the nation’s top high schools, but for college and life beyond, our Middle School program intentionally shapes ambitious, empathetic, self-directed young scholars and citizens:

Our experiential, inquiry-based curriculum

Our experiential, inquiry-based curriculum challenges students to engage deeply in independent critical thinking and sophisticated analysis of complex material. Your child develops the specific intellectual, collaborative, and technology skills all students need for the next leg of their academic journey.

Our Middle School building

Our Middle School building shapes and inspires your child’s learning prowess, leadership capacity, and collaboration skills with cutting-edge science labs, welcoming gathering spaces, and even a rooftop Classroom in the Sky.

State-of-the-art technologies integrated into the curriculum

State-of-the-art technologies integrated into the curriculum—including a 1:1 Chromebook program and an Innovation Lab with 3-D printers—ensure that your child uses technology as an effective learning tool, rather than an end in itself. Children create digital portfolios, complete a digital leadership program to learn online responsibility, and build foundational computer science skills.

Numerous leadership opportunities

Numerous leadership opportunities, such as Student Council, a Student Ambassador Program, service learning projects, advisory groups, sports teams, dramatic productions, and the Little Buddies program, help your child develop true leadership skills, which include compassion and empathy.

Increasingly intensive foreign language instruction

Increasingly intensive foreign language instruction shapes your child as a true citizen of the world. While Spanish forms part of the curriculum starting in preschool, by Middle School students speak with notably greater comfort and fluency in Spanish, French, and/or Chinese, with many earning gold and silver honors in national competitions.

A wide variety of electives

A wide variety of electives, including dance, strings, engineering, journalism, and more, encourage your child to hone current talents and discover new passions.

Team sports

Team sports including soccer, volleyball, cross country, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, softball, and tennis deepen your child’s athletic capacity, foster fun but serious competition, develop sportsmanship, and build lifelong healthy habits.

Ongoing service learning projects

Ongoing service learning projects allow your child to confront and engage with global and local issues such as hunger, homelessness, environmental sustainability, and community building, and learn how to make a difference in the world.

Frequent day and overnight trips

Frequent day and overnight trips expand your child’s comfort zone. A week-long capstone trip in eighth grade allows students to immerse themselves in a different culture, take part in several service projects, and reflect on their impact on the world at-large.

A robust array of fine arts classes

A robust array of fine arts classes in visual arts, engineering and design, music, drama, instrumental strings, and public speaking, along with music ensembles and student-run dramatic productions, spur your child to explore new talents and uncover new interests.

A carefully designed outplacement process

A carefully designed outplacement process, offering individual counseling, test prep classes, and mock interviews, guides your eighth-grader to confidently choose and apply to best-fit high schools, creating a powerful reset point as your child enters high school. The division head works closely with area high schools to help find the right place for each student, and advocates for all Langley students with the schools of their choice.

An intensive advisory program

An intensive advisory program, in which students work with the same teacher over three years, forms deep bonds of trust as students navigate this exciting period of personal and academic growth. Students build close relationships with the advisor and fellow students, sharing experiences, insights, concerns, and triumphs as they look toward high school and young adulthood.

Langley’s invigorating and fun STEAM challenge

Langley’s invigorating and fun STEAM challenge every trimester puts students’ scientific skills to the test, as students in grades 1-8 work in teams to conduct experiments, collect and analyze data, and solve problems creatively.

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Middle School Hours


Grades 6-8:
8:00 a.m. – 3:10 p.m.

Optional Extended Day:
3:10 – 6:00 p.m.