Webinars About Our Program

Hear the highlights on how our program maps to educational research

Replay these twenty-minute webinars designed for prospective families. You'll learn how The Langley School's curriculum, mission and values map to current research and trends in childhood development.

Webinars Fall 2019


Admission Events



Webinars 2019-2020

Preschool Through Kindergarten Wonders

A Learning Environment That Cherishes Childhood
Summer Lovin’ and Learning: An Educator’s View on Enriching (Yet Fun) Activities

Webinars Fall 2018

Preschool through Kindergarten Wonders
The Two Sides to Langley’s Signature Curriculum
Affording an Independent School Education
Preparing Students for High School and Beyond


Webinars Fall 2017

Laying Strong, Lifelong Foundations
How Langley Balances Academics and Social Emotional Learning in Our Fast Paced World
Navigating Early Adolescence in Langley’s Middle School

Webinars Fall 2016

The Primary Years: Striking a Balance between Nurture and Academics

Introduction to Langley by Dr. Elinor Scully and Mr. Phil Petru

The Arc of Development by Dr. Elinor Scully and Mr. Phil Petru