What It Means to Live Langley

Building the foundation for your child’s future

Our devoted community commits to living our individually attuned, preschool through eighth grade learning philosophy every day. And as children live Langley with us, our values—and our school—form a core part of who they become:



Devoting extraordinary developmental expertise to the foundational years

In our carefully calibrated program, children receive the attention and challenge they need based on each child’s individual stage of development. As your child grows, our expert teachers thoughtfully tend to growth spurts and natural plateaus as they nurture emerging talents, skills, and interests.



Creating a curriculum that develops every child’s intellect and emotional acuity

As we thoughtfully integrate academic learning with social development, children’s emotional intelligence deepens and reinforces their intellectual development. Your child leaves Langley fully prepared to make good decisions, tackle intellectual and personal challenges, and build resilience through both success and failure.



Equipping all students to confidently fulfill their passion and purpose

Langley’s expert teachers work closely with your child to hone current talents and uncover new capabilities and passions—while posing challenges to spur ever-higher levels of accomplishment. Through this broad, comprehensive exposure, children graduate ready to employ their considerable skills and talents in the next leg of their intellectual journey.



Shaping morally driven citizens of the world

Langley celebrates your child’s natural compassion—and our whole community joyfully fosters it by modeling and sharing kindness and respect every day. From opening doors for fellow students and visitors, to expressing gratitude through service learning, to intensively collaborating on group projects, to gracefully embracing differences in an ever-growing community, students nurture a deep, proactive, and lifelong empathy.



Investing in each child’s curiosity, potential, and individuality

Experiencing caring, insightful, individual attention every day, from the first day of preschool through eighth-grade graduation, your child builds exceptional self-awareness as a learner and as a person. Here, children feel loved, know they have teachers and advisors to lean on, and maintain enduring relationships with faculty and staff long after they graduate.



Building a supportive, diverse, engaged community

Experiencing our exciting, engaged, multicultural environment throughout their crucial formative years, Langley students graduate prepared for a diverse, global, and relationship-dependent world. Our students, teachers, and parents appreciate differences and build supportive and respectful relationships that reinforce our shared values and deepen our strong sense of community.



Fostering uncommonly optimistic, grounded, energetic young people

From schoolwide assemblies affirming our values, to exuberant performing arts programs, to competitive but fun no-cut athletics, to countless small moments of discovery and connection, we don’t just live Langley—we celebrate it. You and your family join a vibrant community filled with longstanding traditions, energetic parent committees, delightful celebrations, and so much more. And our students can’t wait to come to school every day.