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Purposeful Play Blog
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By Anna Shiroma, Early Childhood Curricular & Instructional Specialist

“Play is the highest form of research.” -Albert Einstein

As you prepare for the winter break and some unstructured time with your kids, I wanted to share a few examples of how play comes alive in The Langley School’s Primary School classrooms.

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Math Blog 3
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By Dr. Mona Tauber, Math Specialist at The Langley School

This discussion, that can be heard in upper elementary classrooms, reveals much about children’s mental math skills, as well as what children understand about numbers.

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Our Community

By Ayesha Flaherty, Head of Enrollment and Communication at The Langley School and Langley Parent 

Picture this. A fifth-grader greets you with, “Good morning. I hope you’re having a good day,” as you enter the auditorium for an 8:05 a.m. assembly. A fellow parent texts you knowing that you have a busy week and offers to pick up your child from after-school chorus.


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George letter - read more

By Peggy Laurent, Head of The Langley School’s Lower School

When you take the time to look, you see amazing things! In my experience, when you are lucky enough to view something through the eyes of a child, you get to see it with “fresh eyes” as we like to say at The Langley School.

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