Campus Life

Fostering uncommonly grounded, joyful, confident young people

At Langley, going to school means much more than going to class. We see every moment of the school day as a chance for students to learn more about themselves and the wider world. That’s why we constantly seek out and create opportunities for discovery and connection – throughout and beyond the school day.

In countless ways throughout the school year, we affirm our core values: respect, kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, and citizenship.

Our exuberant assemblies strengthen and energize our entire community. Our no-cut athletics program inspires intentional teamwork, invigorating competition, and lifelong healthy habits. Our visual and performing arts programs build curiosity and creativity from day one. Service learning nurtures compassion and spurs innovation. And our Big Buddies program forges powerful bonds across grade levels.

Langley encourages students’ identities to grow and evolve in all directions. A star athlete might take the lead in the school play; a computer enthusiast can cultivate a newfound love of painting. At Langley, no one is pigeonholed. Additionally, we also offer enriching extended day programs after school.

In this atmosphere of enthusiastic encouragement and sensible risk-taking, students’ confidence, self-awareness, compassion, and judgment grow by leaps and bounds.

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Extended Day Programs

These programs provide convenience and flexibility and extend the learning.

Alumni Profiles

No matter what their profession, Langley alumni of all ages are using the foundational skills they learned here to make a difference. 

Campus Traditions

These cherished moments link the school to our past and build community.