Shaping self-confident, self-aware, effective learners and citizens

At Langley, leading doesn’t always mean standing out in front. But it does mean possessing the earned confidence, intellectual prowess, and mature judgment to make and carry out wise decisions — on your own behalf as well as others’. That’s why our preschool through eighth grade model gradually and purposefully equips your child with meaningful and lasting leadership skills.

Your child begins public-speaking in preschool, performs in the much-anticipated Native American play in second grade, and leads assemblies in fifth grade. Our buddies program — pairing eighth-graders with kindergartners and fifth-graders with first-graders — provides younger students with inspiring role models and gives older students significant mentoring responsibilities.  And unlike a preschool through grade 12 program, Langley places eighth-graders at the top of the school, so your child becomes a role model for all younger students.

Student Council and Student Ambassador programs give students the chance to serve in leadership roles and carry out defined responsibilities on behalf of the school and student body. Whether organizing a school-wide spirit day or a donation drive to benefit a local charity, students are encouraged and empowered to lead projects and initiatives.

Observing, practicing, and reflecting on leadership, your student not only learns how to take charge judiciously and effectively, but comes to understand what true leading really requires.