Performing Arts

Cultivating public poise and joyous self-expression

At Langley, the performing arts aren’t just for the exuberantly extroverted. Through our renowned music and drama programs, we give all our students countless opportunities to discover, sharpen, and share talents and passions they may not even realize they possess.

Your child begins music lessons in preschool. Drama classes begin in fourth grade, and every fourth- and fifth-grader plays in the band or strings group. In Middle School, your child can choose from several band ensembles, sing in the chorus, play in a string ensemble, and take part in two dramatic productions each year. Students not only contribute to every aspect of these performances – from acting and set design to lighting and makeup – they run the productions themselves.

Every year, students at every level work toward a major performance, including:

  • Primary School musical performance based on the theme of the coursework that year
  • First- and second-grade spring musical
  • Third-grade play
  • Fifth-grade musical
  • Sixth-grade Shakespearean monologues

Combining expert instruction, diligent practice, purposeful collaboration, and jubilant inspiration, the performing arts at Langley help your child blossom as an eloquent, poised, and creative individual.

Teaching Self-Expression Through Drama

Youngest Students Perform with Joy