Creating flexible and innovative problem-solvers

By incorporating science, technology, engineering, art, and math – known as STEAM – into Langley’s classrooms throughout the day, our students become creative, innovative thinkers and problem-solvers. This integrated, inquiry-based approach to learning helps students of all ages think more broadly about real-world problems and build critical-thinking skills, perseverance, and confidence as they develop creative solutions.

Our youngest students in preschool and junior kindergarten are introduced to STEAM through thematic units that incorporate a number of subjects under a specific theme, allowing them to make meaningful connections and begin building problem-solving skills. 

Students in kindergarten through grade 2 spend time with a STEAM specialist in Langley’s STEAM Lab, providing them with opportunities to work collaboratively to design solutions to problems, analyze data, and make informed decisions along the way. Whether making glue, adding more shade to the playground, coding robots to perform tasks, or designing a recording booth for their classroom, students participate in inquiry-based projects designed to demonstrate how STEAM connects to the world around them.      

In grades 3-8, students learn from specialists in STEAM subject areas as they take part in collaborative, interdisciplinary projects that are scaffolded across grade levels to foster valuable design-thinking skills. Whether writing, designing, and coding their own interactive story book in fourth grade or researching, developing, and presenting an independent science project in seventh grade, students develop increasingly sophisticated methods and skills for analyzing and solving problems. 

Age-appropriate technology is fully embedded into the STEAM curriculum at all levels and is used as a tool to enhance understanding, communication, and collaboration. All students learn to become responsible digital leaders who are agile, flexible, and versatile. 

To support Langley’s commitment to STEAM, the school began hosting an annual STEAM Fair in 2016. This popular event – which is open to our entire community of students, parents, faculty, and staff – fosters innovation, creativity, and design thinking through a series of fun STEAM-based challenges and activities.

Distance and Blended Learning Enhancements During COVID-19

After evaluating a variety of technologies, the school selected simple, reliable solutions to allow distance learners easy access to live and self-paced lessons. The school purchased additional equipment so each student has a device, along with new document cameras and webcams, ensuring virtual learners feel part of the classroom. We also purchased additional online application subscriptions to provide teachers with more digital learning tools to promote inquiry and collaboration for blended learning. In addition, we improved the navigation experience of our online learning hubs to make them more intuitive for students and parents. Finally, we have leveraged technology as a way to keep our community connected through virtual events such as parent socials, student game nights, or speaker engagements. 


Langley's Technology & Innovation at a Glance

Langley's Technology & Innovation at a Glance

Langley's STEAM Fair