Visual Arts

Seeing, exploring, and creating multiple perspectives

At Langley, visual art means more than creating beautiful images. To us, art is a vehicle for critical thinking, discussion, inquiry, and problem solving. From preschool through eighth grade, children study and create a wide variety of works and genres to delve into art’s deeper meanings and master the process of making their own original creations.

Guided by expert teachers who are artists themselves, children learn to notice the specific details of each piece they examine, and to think and speak critically about the principles of art and design. Students also build skills in comparison and contrast that transfer to other disciplines as they move from one grade to the next.

In kindergarten, children create self-portraits as fairy tale characters. By first grade, they’re studying and making abstract art to explore their own imaginations and develop conceptual thinking. In third grade, every student creates a three-dimensional museum filled with original works. Middle School students grow in technical skill and intellectual sophistication, as sixth-graders dive into infographics and surrealist collages, seventh-graders explore interior design and stop-motion video, and eighth-graders take on 3-D computer graphics, logo design, and multimedia YouTube presentations.

Working in natural-light-filled classrooms, fully equipped technology labs, and inspiring outdoor spaces, your child takes constructive risks, gives and receives responsible criticism, and poses thought-provoking questions. And whether they become visual artists themselves, or channel their creativity in other directions, all Langley students grow as agile thinkers and inventive world-shapers.