Building a powerful, supportive, engaged learning family

Since Langley’s 1942 founding by an inspired and determined group of parents, we’ve built an uncommonly inclusive and collaborative school ethos. We’ve seen generations of children thrive and reach their fullest academic potential through a carefully tended partnership among parents, teachers, and children themselves. By pulling together to help all of our children feel safe, supported, and challenged every day, we’ve also created an unusually close-knit and energetic parent community that fosters lifelong friendships, purposeful engagement, and a can-do spirit.

The Langley School: Where Community Comes Together

Our diverse community brings together a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, leading to deeper, more meaningful learning and preparing our students to excel in an increasingly global world.  

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Our inquiry-based program reflects the latest research on how to engage students.

Service Learning

To us, service learning means more than “community service.”


We purposefully equip children with lasting and meaningful leadership skills.