Distance Learning at Langley


This page summarizes how we are bringing the "secret sauce" of Langley to students' homes virtually from April 1 through the end of the school year. That means excellent academics, enhanced by our unique social-emotional learning program, in a community that shares similar goals and values. To achieve this goal, we must be adaptive to changing conditions and needs, responsive to feedback on what is working and what isn't, and focus on the quality of instruction.


Our Distance Learning Philosophy

Distance Learning Module



Distance Learning in Action: Video Gallery

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Elements of Our Academic Learning


Lessons are designed and guided based upon our inquiry-based model that includes five essential instructional practices -- community building, investigation, modeling, practice, and feedback. This method is familiar to our students and privileges curiosity, critical thinking, and problem solving above rote memorization and passive learning. 

Elements of Our Social-Emotional Learning

 Elements of Our Social-Emotional Learning

During this time, the tenants of Langley’s REACH program are more important than ever. The following elements are embedded into the weekly grids:  

  • Weekly REACH lessons focused on core elements of social and emotional well-being. Examples of lesson topics include the following: mindfulness, relaxation, self-care, healthy habits, connection, resilience, self-regulation, and empathy, among others.
  • Parent resources to help incorporate additional social and emotional skills, such as emotional check-ins, mindfulness, and healthy habits, into your daily routine.
  • Ways to set routines, manage time, organize spaces, and create an environment that supports learning.
  • Digital citizenship, leadership, and safety.

We offer resources to parents as well, particularly on how to model SEL behaviors so children feel safe and supported. 

Elements of Community Engagement

 Elements of Community Engagement

The Langley community is at the heart of who we are, including the friendships and relationships our students and parents have built. 

  • Students and teachers have moments to connect in real-time (and have some fun). 
  • We have found ways to keep the Langley spirit alive as a community (e.g., spirit days, virtual field day).
  • PALS is planning ways for parents to virtually connect and support each other. 

Additionally, each week we are adding a series of after-school engagement activities to our Community Engagement webpage. You will find activities like Story Time with Batman, Middle School Movie Night, Soccer Drills, and more. 

In the meantime, please share what you are up to by uploading #LivingLangleyAtHome photos to the MyLangley photo gallery. We will be sharing photos via social media and other Langley communication channels. 

Parent Feedback 

Parent/guardian input is essential as we navigate uncharted waters together as a school community. We continue to gather your thoughts via a parent survey and continue to use this input to make adjustments moving forward. Teachers, division heads, and administrators are here to support your family along the way.





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