Fifth-Graders Grow Through Inquiry Project

The fifth grade recently completed an inquiry project to study the belief systems and culture of ancient Egypt. From start to finish, the students had complete control of their projects, determining what to research, how to research, where to find reliable resources, and when to re-examine their research for gaps. Students created both a writing and a creative piece to share the knowledge they gained. There were no limitations on what the students could create, and their projects flourished with creativity, ranging from a seven-layer edible pyramid cake and a Minecraft model so detailed a museum could display it, to an Origami paper folded temple and videos showcasing our up-and-coming performers and journalists.

Students remained accountable to one another by collaborating on a student-designed rubric. Each class crafted a rubric that best suited their expectations and project goals. Throughout the project, students learned that coping with frustration and roadblocks is a key component to project success. The fifth-graders not only strengthened their knowledge of ancient Egypt, but also strengthened their problem-solving, creativity, and resiliency skills.