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Climbing the Arc is our new podcast. Our goal is to welcome you into The Langley School from wherever you may be and introduce you to the many exciting things happening in classrooms and beyond here on the Langley campus.

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The concept of "windows and mirrors" is an important tool to engage students in a deeper understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at The Langley School. Join us as we speak with DEI Coordinator LaToya Needham, visit a lower school assembly and hear from our Librarian, Annie Lyon, about how she ensures students have access to diverse texts at every age.



Join us as we explore how we integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into our students daily experience at The Langley School. In this episode, we hear from Dr. Sarah Sumwalt, our Director of Social and Emotional Learning, take you inside a classroom lesson on gratitude, and hear from Resource teacher Megan Rounsaville about what SEL sounds like when we speak with students. 



In this episode, we explore how students learn world languages across The Langley School's Arc of Development. We visit a Kindergarten and 6th-grade Spanish classroom, and interview two of our teachers about how they approach teaching world language. Venga con nosotros! 



What do sharks, trains and science fair projects have in common? They are all part of learning through play! In this episode, we explore purposeful play at The Langley School: what the research says, how we plan for it and what it looks like in classrooms. Listeners will hear from several of our faculty members and we’ll even visit a classroom during their "play" block. Tune in to learn more!


Embedded in our mission at The Langley School is a profound appreciation for each child’s inherent curiosity, potential and individuality. This episode explores how we measure student progress while ensuring student learning - not assessment - remains our primary focus. Listeners will hear from several faculty members and listen to one of our teachers working individually with a student on his learning goals. 


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