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Coming Soon! Summer Studio at Home


Summer Studio at Home

We are in the midst of reshaping our traditional Summer Studio program into an online, on-demand set of content where students can Mix+Match fun and engaging classes/activities over the summer at a pace that fits their schedules. The content is being created by Langley teachers and staff who are committed to helping young people continue to grow over the summer. There are two categories of pre-prepared content you can expect: academic classes and enrichment activities. Both will include instructional tools such as a pre-recorded video message (or series of mini-videos), a hands-on activity or two, and a wrap-up. 

Each offering will be broken up into five lessons, with the goal of engaging a student for 30-90 minutes depending on age-appropriateness and topic. The content will be available starting on July 6. The cost will be communicated soon as we publish details about the varied offerings over the coming weeks. We thank you for your patience as we reimagine and create Summer Studio at Home.