General Endowment

The following endowment funds have been established to fund numerous programs and initiatives at Langley:

Endowment for Faculty Development

The Banks Family Fund for Faculty

William and Karin Banks, parents of Kerry Banks Vastis ’78, Robin Banks Mangold ’80, and Kirsten J. Banks ’84, established this fund in 2003 to promote and enhance the school’s ability to maintain the highest degree of excellence in teaching faculty.

The Banks Faculty Speaker Series for Continued Education

Established in 2003, the interest on the corpus is used to cover the costs associated with bringing distinguished speakers to campus.

The Mennen Endowment for Faculty Development

Interest from restricted gifts made to this endowment, which was established in 1987, help to fund faculty enrichment through conference and seminar attendance, trips, and continued study.

The Betty J. Brown Endowment for Faculty Development

Established in 1999 by Dick Snowdon, former Langley Board member and parent of Elizabeth Snowdon ’85, Andrew Snowdon ’82, and Ashley Snowdon ’90, and Cathy Gorrell, former Board member and parent of Sarah Gorrell ’97, Courtney Gorrell ’00, and Michael Gorrell ’05, this fund honors past Head of School Betty Brown for her more than 30 years of service to Langley. It provides funds for faculty development and supports Langley’s efforts to continue to attract and support exceptional educators.

Karen Dee Michalowicz Faculty Professional Development Fund

Established in 2006 in honor of former teacher Karen Michalowicz, this fund provides a grant in her memory which is awarded each year to a faculty member who plans to undertake a new challenge to further his or her professional or personal growth.

Mark Robbins Memorial Endowed Faculty Fund for the Humanities

This fund was established in 2012 in memory of Mark Robbins, beloved sixth-grade language arts teacher at The Langley School from 2004-2012. As Mr. Robbins modeled lifelong learning for both his students and his colleagues, this fund is awarded to a faculty member to further his or her professional growth in any of the humanities.

Eileen Glenn Professional Development Fund

This fund was established in 1996 to honor former teacher and Langley parent Eileen Glenn and her nearly 30 years of service to Langley.

General Faculty Development

Endowment for Financial Aid

Helene Layman Scholarship Fund

Helene Layman Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1981 and named for Helene Layman who was a fifth-grade teacher at Langley for 15 years. A lady of many talents, Mrs. Layman’s teaching career at Langley was distinguished by the scholarly standards she set for her students.

Evelyn Swindler Scholarship Fund

Evelyn Swindler Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in 1985. Eveyln Swindler taught at Langley for 28 years and continued to assume an active role at the school even after retirement, heading The Friends of Langley School.

Claire M. Maxted Endowed Scholarship Fund

Established in 1995 by William Maxted, Will Maxted ’80, Ann Maxted Chen ’82, and Gerard Maxted ’85 in memory of their wife and mother, Claire Maxted, this fund helps make a Langley education possible for deserving students. Mrs. Maxted was a Langley parent and admissions officer of the school.

Kyle Pecaro Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 1995 by Langley parents Tim and Susan Pecaro in memory of their infant son, Kyle.

The Eileen Glenn Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 1996 to honor former teacher and Langley parent Eileen Glenn and her nearly 30 years of service to Langley.

The Maria Restrepo Scholarship Fund

Established in 1996, this fund honors former teacher Maria Restrepo who came to Langley as a Spanish teacher in 1973. In 1983-1984, she was named coordinator of foreign languages and founded the Modern Languages Tournament at The Langley School.

Ruth Huyler Glass Scholarship Fund

This fund honors Ruth Glass’ exceptional leadership of the Middle School. Established in 1997, funds are awarded to a qualified Middle School student.

Patricia Schmid Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 1998 in loving memory of Patti Schmid ’81 in honor of her commitment to underprivileged children and to teaching that led her to Namibia, Africa.

Financial Aid Endowment (Banks Family)

Jacquemin Family Foundation Scholarship

Former Langley parents Tracie and John Jacquemin established this fund in 2000 to assist the school in achieving its diversity initiative.

The Glenn & Suzanne Youngkin Head of School Scholarship Fund

Established in 2010, this fund was created by Langley parents Glenn and Suzanne Youngkin in consideration of the gifts of others and to demonstrate their appreciation and support for the educational experience provided by the school. The fund will help guarantee the school’s perpetuation by providing the ongoing financial means to award an annual scholarship.

General Financial Aid

Other Specific Purpose Endowments and General Endowment

The Doris E. Cottam Endowment Fund

Established in 2012 to honor Head of School Doris Cottam for her 13 years of service to Langley. This fund will support financial assistance to help students of every background take advantage of Langley's quality educational experience. It will also fund faculty/staff professional development, including a faculty sabbatical program.

The Sylvie Cachay Memorial Endowed Fund for the Arts

The Sylvie Cachay Memorial Endowed Fund for the Arts was edstablished in 2012 by her loving parents, Dr. and Mrs. Antonio Cachay, family, friends, and the alumni community. The fund in memory of Ms. Cachay, a 1991 graduate of The Langley School, will be used to enhance The Langley School's fine and professional arts program with the goal of increasing student exposure to the arts.

The Christopher C. Biraben Endowment

The endowment was established in 1980 by Mrs. Lilly Jane Jacobs in loving memory of her grandson, former Langley student Christopher Biraben. The purpose was to provide a program for the benefit of all Langley students from any number of cultural enrichment areas including programs in music, dance, voice, drama, photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, creative writing and technology. The program could include an Artist-in-Residence Program.

Director’s Endowment Fund

This fund, created in 1979, was set up to allow funds to be spent at the discretion of the Head of School with the donor to remain anonymous.

General Endowment

Endowment giving ensures that future generations continue to benefit from the quality education provided at The Langley School.